Tayo Aderinokun

  Tayo Aderinokun was a financial expert and co-founder of Guaranty Trust Bank, one of the most profitable corporate institutions in Nigeria. Born 8 May 1955, Tayo Aderinokun studied Business…

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Taiye Jigidekiosk in Lagos.


Entrepreneurship is defined in an economics library portal as the process of discovering new ways of combining resources. The entrepreneur’s success may therefore be determined by the market…

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The beer, popularly called Oh Mpa in Igbo language is produced by SABMiller Plc., This brand, which sought to give the local feel, pushes lower-costs products to beat bigger brands. Photo: SABMiller Plc. via Bloomberg


Commerce is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as the activities involved in buying and selling things. These activities, according to the BusinessDictionary.com, apart from occurring on a large…

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