Akindolani Olusuyi

Akindolani Olusuyi; business executive who was MD of Cocoa company in Ile-Oluji. Olusuyi  qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1980, in England, as a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and was admitted to the associated membership of the Institute of  Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in 1985. He was later admitted as a fellow of that institute some years later. He worked in various sectors of the nation’s economy, starting with the UAC of Nigeria in 1981, as Head Accountant and later transferred to NIPOL, one of the company’s subsidiaries in Ibadan. He moved on to O’dua Investment Company Ltd where he rose to the position of a Chief Executive Officer in one of the group’s subsidiaries. The Managing Director, Cocoa Products (Ile-Oluji) Limited,

Place of Growth

Akindolani Olusuyi was born to Samuel Ogunsuyi  and Alice Akintunde on August 1951. Because he grew up with his grandmother, it took him a long time to know that his grandmother was not actually not his own direct mother. Growing up was modest with the basics of life. Primary school started for him in January 1956 at Muslim Primary School, Ile-Oluji, now in Ondo State. He was not a Muslim but when he was with his mother and neighbors who were Muslims he took delight in the muslin festivals which he enjoyed with tenants and two sisters who were also practicing; one of them his age mate and the other one a little older .

Olusuyi finished primary school in 1961 but he had to repeat Primary Six, not because there was no money for him to proceed but due to his father’s illness. At age 14 he proceeded to the town’s only secondary school, Gboluji Grammar School.


When Olusuyi finished his HSC in Aquinas College, there were five universities in the country and each of the universities conducted entrance examination. He took entrance examination when he was in Lower School and curiously, he chose to go to the University of Nigeria (UNN), Nsukka, because he wanted a change of environment. He was admitted for Engineering in Nsukka because he an dhis peers  lacked career guidance and when he was filling his form/it came to a place when they asked for choice of course, he opted for engineering not knowing which kind he would like. When the admission came, he was entered for Mechanical Engineering, because of his good results. However, Olusuyi decided that he was going to be a banker or an accountant.


By the time Olusuyi left the Enugu campus in 1975, he already had five offers for job. All the graduates of Accounting that were produced in the country then, 1975, by three universities, were less than 100. It was the period of indigenisation and the big companies were recruiting[i].

[i] Tribune 10 October, 2010