Nigeria's Women Team player using high pass during the  Greenfields African Hockey Championships


Hockey is a game played on the field or ice, where players hold sticks with a flat and rounded side to propel the spherical, hard and usually white ball with the aim of scoring a goal. An hockey…

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Fans at the Serena sisters game in Lagos

Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis is a racket sport played individually or in teams on a hard surface of concrete, asphalt, or on clay or grass. A ball is being served over the net to a reciever on the other side of…

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Polo is a team sport played on horse backs. Its objective is to score goals against the opponent team by driving the small ball into the opposing team’s goal using the mallet, a heavy stick…

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University of Ibadan Swimming class


Swimming as an activity dates back to Stone Age, as men dived through rivers and lakes to transport themselves. Relics from Egyptian caves and allusions from Greek mythology point to this, but…

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Kazeem Makanjuola playing. Source:

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a racquet sport played by hitting a lightweight ball back and forth across a hard table divided by net, using a small round racket. Although the Table Tennis started in Victorian…

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