Missionary, probably  J.B Wood is depicted in 1870 book, "Missions-Bilder. Achtes Heft. Sierra Leone und Yoruba" Missionaruy here comforts a persecuted  Christian convert in Abeokuta. Wood himself will leave Abeokuta during the Ifole Crisis of 1867

J.B. Wood

J.B. Wood was the 19th Century Anglican Missionary to Nigeria and author of works on Yoruba grammar and literature whose History of Lagos up to 1861 was the first roundly chronicled story of the…

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Charles Phillip (third, on the right, holding British Missionary, Tugwell's left hand). Holding the right is Ajayi Crowther's son.

Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips was the Nineteenth Century Head of the Church Missionary Society in Ondo, whose parents were Yoruba Sierra Leonean returnee. At Ijaiye Charles’s father, known by same name, was…

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Igbe is a monotheist religion existing among the Urhobo people of southern Nigeria. It was founded by Ubiesha Etarakpo, a mystic from Kokori in Delta State. Precepts of this movement, which has…

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Ubiesha Etarakpo

Ubiesha Etarakpo of Kokori was the founder of the Igbe religion, a monotheist expression of faith that gained considerable followership among the Urhobo people of Nigeria from the 19th Century. As…

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William Dappa Pepple

William Dappa Pepple was the king of Bonny, between 1835 and 1866, who called the Christian faith in 1864 to Bonny, thereby pioneering the Niger Delta pastorate of the Anglican Church. Born in…

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Garrick Braide

Garrick Braide was the first Nigerian Christian charismatic figure whose Prophetic Movement, between the years 1914 and 1916 spearheaded a strong religious awakening in the Niger Delta. Braide was…

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Joseph Babalola of the CAC

Ayo Babalola

It was the turn of a new century, a new decade with it came, yet coming not just as the first in the 20th century, a century to be known for its ground breaking stride in technology and the wonder…

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Aladura Spiritualists at Bar Beach


Aladura is the branch of Christianity in Nigeria inspired by the 1918 Pentecostal movement of Anglican lay leader, Joseph Sadare, D.O Odubanjo, I.O Sanya, J.A Babatunde, and their friends in faith…

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Celestial Church of Christ

Celestial Church of Christ is the most popular white garment-wearing church in Nigeria. Founded 1947 in Port-Novo, Dahomey (now Benin Republic) by Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa. The church was established…

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EA Adeboye

Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Enoch Adejare Adeboye, pastor who in 2009 was recognised as one of the most influential people in the world by Newsweek Magazine, USA was born March 2, 1942 into a humble family in the village of…

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