Isaac Adaka Boro

Isaac Adaka Boro was a Minority rights activist and hero of the Nigerian Civil War on the side of the federal government, who paradoxically was himself a former secessionist, declaring in…

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Ijaye here appearing at the middle of this map of Yoruba kingdoms in South West Nigeria ceased to exist after the war.


Ijaiye was an ancient military town in the northern fringe of the Egba forest in South West Nigeria that was ruthlessly destroyed by Ibadan in war. In its day, Ijaiye was an important market town…

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Ogedengbe here under arrest on Captain Bower's orders


Ogedengbe was the appellation taken by Orisarayibi Ogundamola as an adolescent. He was the 19th Century warrior and liberator of Ekiti and Ijesha people from the domineering power of Ibadan….

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Aburi Accord

  Aburi Accord in 1966 was the watershed in the series of intrigues that led to the Nigerian Civil War known as the Biafran War. The entire two days proceeding at the round table to fashion…

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Aro War

Aro War describes the series of battles between December 1901 and March 1902 in which the Aro tribe of the Igbo nation in eastern Nigeria were subdued by imperial British power. Aro people were in…

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Olusegun Obasanjo. Source:

Olusegun Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigerian civil war hero on the federal side, Statesman, and Head of the federal government as military general, 1976-79, and elected president, 1999-2007. Obasanjo, descendant…

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1957 wedding blessing_edited with ADB

Victor Banjo

Victor Banjo, born in 1930, was a soldier who, caught in the middle of an ideological complexity during the Nigerian Civil War, was executed by separatist army in 1967. In 1953, Victor Banjo…

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Adekunle Benjamin

Benjamin Adekunle, nicknamed Black Scorpion, was a soldier who served during the Nigerian Civil War as commander of the 35,000 man strong marine commando. Adekunle, born in 1936 to an Ogbomoso…

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Ogedepagbo War

Ogedepagbo War was the first recorded social disturbance that engulfed the Egba kingdom. The so-called Ogedepagbo Civil War occurred while the people still lived in villages within the old Egba…

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The Ijesha War camp. Source: National Archives, UI

Kiriji War

Kiriji as a term is not native to the Yoruba speaking people, from the perspective of its epistemology . It was said to have been derived from the onomatopoeic booming of the cannons echoed by…

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