Osun Groove

Osun Groove is the worship centre of the Yoruba Impersonation of the “Waters of Life,” and the spiritual mother of the Osogbo township. To her, Osun belong the Groves, but one or the…

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Deji; of Akure, traditional title of the Oba of Akure. Royal lineages in Akure trace a common ancestry to Asodeboyede, the first Oba of Akure, who reigned from 1150 A.D to 1180 A.D. As believed by…

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Members of Eweka dynasty depicted in this Benin Lead Brass sculpture

Eweka Dynasty

  Oba Eweka (1200AD-1235AD) After the banishment of Owodo; the last Ogiso under the Ogiso Dynasty Oduduwa sent his son to Benin to rule the kingdom. The only area of departure is that the Benin…

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Lokoja capital city of Kogi State aerial view.


Lokoja; the capital of Kogi State, a state carved out of Kwara and Benue State in 1991. The magnificent rivers Niger and Benue meet in Lokoja, forming the famous confluence from which Kogi derives…

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Aviation Accidents in Nigeria

Plane Crash

Plane Crash; Over a thousand lives has been lost to plane crashes in Nigeria since the first recorded incidence  which occurred on November 20, 1969 when a government-owned DC-10 aircraft on a…

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Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari; Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria Armed Forces from December 31, 1983, to August 26,1985, before he was overthrown by Ibrahim Babangida. Buhari was also chairman,…

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Map of old Sokoto Caliphate

Sokoto Caliphate

Sokoto Caliphate; the history of which, in the 19th Century commenced in 1804, is essentially centered on the legendary Dan Fodio and his socio-religious revolution, otherwise referred to as the…

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sculptural representation ofOba Eweka


Eweka; Second Oba of Benin kingdom in present day Nigeria who reigned for 35 years. At his demise, his two children ruled in succession. They were Oba: Uwa-khuanhen c. 1235AD-1243AD and Oba…

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Odogbolu town satellite image


Odogbolu; Town formed in c.1850 by an Ijebu clan made up of eight homesteads, the founders of which historians say were possibly members of the original retinue of Obanta, the founding hero of the…

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satallite map of Ichida community


Ichida; Ichida is a town located in Anaocha local Government Area of Anambra State. It is situated towards the east of Igbo-ukwu, Ora-eri Awka-Etiti and Nnobi. The people of Ichida are one of the…

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