Nana Olomu in a photo taken while in exile in Accra

Nana Olomu

Nana Olomu, born 1852 in Jakpa, was the Itsekiri chief and merchant in Palm Oil who occupied the position of the comey collector, essentially the chief tax officer, hence, Governor of the Benin…

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Olaudah Equiano

Equiano Olaudah

Equiano Olaudah, abolitionist, born 1745, was the Ibo, Nigerian-born author of an autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or; Sustarus Vassa, The African, which…

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Anthonio de Mingo

Anthonio de Mingo also known by native name Oyenakpara, or nickname Benighere, was the eighth Olu of Itsekiri, inquirer of science, who was described half correctly by English adventurers to the…

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Overan Benin King


Ovonramwen was the oba of Benin between 1889 and 1897 whose reign was brought to an end by a British Expedition. Two years after the sack of his kingdom, Ovonramwen came out of hiding to…

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Native Hut in Onithsa, c.1905 Photo:R McWhirter

Onitsha History

Onitsha History, as cleverly stated by author, Henderson, lacked an independent myth of primordial origins because in their cosmogony they simply relate themselves to the cultural focus of Nri…

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Eyo II

Eyo Honesty II

Eyo Honesty II was the king of Creek Town, one of the Southern Nigerian towns of the Efik people who presently constitute the chief population of Calabar. Eyo is remembered in history for his…

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Royal Niger Company

Royal Niger Company was the entity which served essentially as precursor for the Nigerian state; the mercantile establishment which evolved from British trading firms granted royal charters in…

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World War I

First World War was the worldwide conflict in which Nigeria’s colonial overlord, Britain, formed part of a triad that constituted the Allied powers in its military campaign against the Central…

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William Dappa Pepple

William Dappa Pepple was the king of Bonny, between 1835 and 1866, who called the Christian faith in 1864 to Bonny, thereby pioneering the Niger Delta pastorate of the Anglican Church. Born in…

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Ekiti people

Ekiti people are subgroup of the Yoruba, historically occupying the Ekiti country, which was made up of 16 kingdoms- Otun, Ikole, Ado, Oye, Ijero, Ido, Ikere, Ise, Emure, Effon, Okemesi…

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