Hamzat Adisa Subair

Hamzat Adisa Subair was an accountant, co-founder, and first CEO of Nigeria’s first indigenous bank, the National Bank of Nigeria Ltd. Born in Olowogbowo district of Lagos Island. Subair was…

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Money history in Nigeria predates the colonial era and most of the forms of money met the modern criteria for ‘legal tender’, namely scarcity, intrinsic value, and portability. They came in…

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Remi Babalola

Remi Babalola is a banker and politician from Ibadan. Remi was born in 1964 into a polygamous family with little means, where education wasn’t much of a priority. His value for education…

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Capitalism allows for the accumulation of profits. Here, CEOs meet in an event by the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


Capitalism, according to Investopedia, is a system of economics based on the private ownership of capital and production inputs, and on the production of goods and services for profit. This Adam…

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Subomi Balogun

Subomi Balogun is a banker, founder of the First City Monument Bank, and patriarch of an emerging professional dynasty. Subomi Balogun, was born 1934 in Ijebu Ode to a native authority court…

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Tayo Oviosu, Paga CEO

Tayo Oviosu

Tayo Oviosu is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Paga, a consumer-finance company. Born and raised with a middle-class upbringing in Lagos. Tayo bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical…

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Ereko Market, Lagos 1930s Source: Nigeria Nostalglia Project

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the deep economic crisis of the 1930s started in America after steep fall in stocks, in which many world countries participated owing to the maintenance of the gold…

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