Gaani Festival

Gaani festival; is celebrated annually among the Bartonum of the old Borgu Empire in Baruten and Raima Local Government Areas of Kwara, Borgu in Niger; and Nikki, a community administered by…

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Osun Groove

Osun Groove is the worship centre of the Yoruba Impersonation of the “Waters of Life,” and the spiritual mother of the Osogbo township. To her, Osun belong the Groves, but one or the…

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Ojubo Osogbo

Ojubo Osogbo, a component of the Osun Groove, is ancient, older than the town of Osogbo (which is not older than 400 years, according to Chief Olugunna’s research). The statue of Osun where…

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Oba Laoye dancing in palace

Adetoyese Laoye

Adetoyese Laoye; Timi of Ede. Before he ascended the throne in the 1940s, he was a church organist, a great dancer, a good singer, a lover of culture, and a historian. He was so culturally minded…

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Prominent Ondo indegines dancing at Ekimogun 2015

Ekimogun Day

Ekimogun Day: Carnival in Ondo town, incorporating dances, marches and impressive cultural extravaganza. First, the drums roared at sunrise. And the crowd at the civic centre erupted in ecstasy….

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Tourism in Calabar Carnival


The two UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nigeria, which doubles as the most popular tourism brands outside Nigeria, recognisable and visited by tourists worldwide are the Sukur Cultural Landscape in…

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Eyo dancing


Eyo is a visitor from the world of the spirit. It speaks in funny nasal sound which usually is the ventriloqual language of the dead. Attired in white flowing robes with an artfully decorated head…

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Ado Bayero

Ado Bayero; 13th Fulani paramount traditional ruler of the Kano emirate for 51 years. Over the years of his reign, Bayero became an institution of sorts whose counseling and advocacy are treated…

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Lady in Gele


Gele; popular headdress fashion in Nigeria. Gele was for the fashion divas of the 1950s the ultimate head piece. At no other time did the beauty of the gele become more apparent than in 1960 when…

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Appreciating the Talking Drum here is Prince Charles of Englad

Talking Drum

Talking drum called Gangan was invented in Old Oyo Empire at an unknown date. It is mostly used in the Oba’s palace to praise-sing eminent chiefs who come visiting, primarily to extol the…

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