Orunmila was a philosopher, and major intellectual personae of the Yoruba Ifa literary corpus which deals with subjects as diverse as history, geography, religion, or music. Orunmila together with…

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Leaded Bronze pendant discovered in Igbo-Ukwu, c.900-1000 AD. Facial scarification is that of titled men of Nri.

Nri Civilization

Nri Civilization occasioned a medieval Igbo institution, located in the colonial Awka division. The town of Nri was hypothesized by A.G. Leonard, British royal officer in 1902 as the fountainhead…

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Garveyist Malcolm X talking to Nigerian students and African American locals in Harlem, New Yorkm, New York in the 1960s


Garveyism was the Pan-African philosophy of the Jamaican political leader, Marcus Garvey, in the early 20th Century, aimed at precipitating a global movement of economic empowerment. Garvey…

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Gender as a concept is described by Marjorie Mclatosh as the differing roles and expectations a given society imposes upon women as opposed to men. It has been argued by one Oyerone Oyewunmi…

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Josaih Jesse Ransome Kuti

Josiah Jesse Ransome Kuti; Hymnist and 19th Century African missionary in the Yoruba country. He is the patriarch of the Ransome-Kuti family of Nigeria, which produced distinguished personalities…

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African Woman reads her morning papers in early 1930s

African Renaissance

African Renaissance term used by authors is  descriptive of  the cultural movement in the British West Africa, in which the pioneer set of educated Africans, erstwhile propagators of the New…

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Ethiopianism perhaps shown with the Moses' Ten Commandments scribbled in Yoruba on the wall of the African Church Cathedral Bethel


Ethiopianism was a philosophy of several early Christians in Africa, foremost among who was James Johnson, who required his brethren, in the words of Jacob Kehinde Coker, founder of one of the…

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Mojola Agbebi

Mojola Agbebi is the native name of the poet and advocate of Ethiopianism, who was born April 10, 1860 as David Brown Vincent in Ilesha. Mojola repudiated his European name in 1894, the year he…

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Awoism is the term coined for Obafemi Awolowo’s idea of progressive politics targeted at producing practical social progress. Awoism postulates that man is the sole dynamic in nature and that…

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Paganism in different world societies, has been a reserved term for unsanctioned religious practices, used for undeveloped tribal forms of spiritual devotion. The religion of the Yoruba…

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