Josaih Jesse Ransome Kuti

Jesse's music featured in a 1922 editorial
A 1922 editorial on Jesse’s music. Source: The audio below is the Sing for Water 2010 mass rendition of JJ’s composition, Ise oluwa kole baje

Josiah Jesse Ransome Kuti was an Hymnist and 19th Century patriarch of the Ransome-Kuti family of Nigeria, which produced distinguished personalities like his son, Israel Oludotun Ransome Kuti and his grandsons: Olikoye, Beko, and the international music maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Josiah Jesse Ransome-Kuti was among the pioneers of the Christian church in Yorubaland when the missionaries arrived Abeokuta in 1854 and his mother gave him to the white missionaries for training. He was a musician; the first Nigerian to have his music reduced to a staff notation and recorded on the gramophone. The very popular evergreen song, Ise Oluwa k’ole baje o and Eje komo ko wa o are credited to this adept preacher and his hymns collection is being kept in the British Museum. Jesse Kuti died in 1930.