Common Gecko

Common gecko
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Common Gecko, Hemidactylus angulatus, is a species of one of the most diverse and widely distributed scaled reptile genera, a type of lizard in the family Gekkota, found in warm climates throughout the world. The Common Gecko is distributed across West Africa to Zanzibar. H. b. angulatus shows a repertoire of defensive behavior, including twisting of the body, biting, defecating, urinating, squeaking, and gaping but do not squeak or gap like members of close species.

This reptile is not supposed to be killed in Yoruba culture, as they are regarded in its mythology as a friendly member of the family because of its peaceful nature. Although the proper name is Aláyànmbéré, it is also called Omo-onílé in Yoruba, meaning; child of the House owner. The Caribbean populations, H. haitianus, which shares little or no DNA sequence difference with the Common Gecko, have been most likely introduced from Africa by slave trade.

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