Alex Taylor E.J.

Alex Taylor was a Lagos lawyer, cheered in his lifetime as the “cork of the Nigerian Bar”. Alex Taylor was born 13 April 1876 and had his elementary education at Port Novo, proceeding to Lagos to study at Wesleyan Boys High School before he was sent by his parents to C.M.S. school in Sierra Leone where he was till his brief return to Lagos in 1896. Taylor joined the Horsefield Beny Company Limited in 1897. Five years later, he let for London to study law at the Middle Temple and qualified as a lawyer in 1905. His marriage in 1911 to Agnes Remilekun Williams produced five children among who became judges before his death in September 1947. Alex Taylor was a brilliant lawyer renowned among his peers. He was also a strong pillar of the Methodist church in Ologbowo, Lagos.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer