Yusuf Lasun

Yusuf Lasun in House chamber
Catholic priest in Nigeria and social critic, an engaging intellectual, author of memoirs about religion and politics

Yusuf Sulaimon Lasun; Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives 8th Assembly. Lasun was known for embarking on tutorial exercise for fresh students in science-oriented subjects in his native town of Ilobu. Consistent with his interest for human development, he deployed his constituency projects as member of the federal house to build schools, and organize skills acquisition programs, which ended in provision of funds for participants with which they could start petty trading.
Places of Growth

Yussuff Sulaimon Lasun was born on October 4, 1960 to the family of Alhaji AmudaYussuff from Woru’s Compound in the sleepy town of Ilobu in old Oyo State and now in the State of Osun. Lasun had a difficult time growing up but he was helped to pursue western education at the time many of his
peers took to farming. He completed his elementary education in 1970 and headed to Ifon-Erin High School, Ifon-Osun where as a brilliant student, he enjoyed the Oyo State Government gave him scholarship between 1977 to 1979.

Lasun attended University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and the premier University in Nigeria, University of Ibadan (UI), where he studied Mechanical Engineering where he had his first and second degrees respectively.
House of Reps

Lasun contested for the seat in the House of Representatives in 2007, which he lost but emerged victorious in another attempt in 2011 to be relected in 2015, this time becoming also, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. Within one year, while serving in this capacity he was given two key positions in Nigeria and at the sub-regional level: as 1st Deputy Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament at the 44th session of the ECOWAS Parliament in 2015[i].

[i] Nation October 4, 2016

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