Water House

Water House, Lagos
Photo: Lagos @ 50 website

Water House is a Lagos historical building located in 10, Kukawa Street. The name “Water House” originated from the sale of drinking water to the inhabitants of that area by Mr. Da Rocha in the year gone by. Mr. Joe Esan Da Rocha was one of the first people who led freed slaves back from Brazil. This building is located in the Street, which formed part of a “crown” house granted to Hijinio Pinto Da Fronsacca in 1864, and the construction of the house must have started shortly after this date. The lower storey is thus thought to be one hundred and thirteen years old, and the upper storey is about seventy-three years. This is one of the oldest houses remaining in Lagos and among the best example of Brazilian style of buildings.

In 1967, part of the old building which was used as courtyard for constables was transformed to real building. This has not increased the size of the building. The house still retains its original form and the only visible alteration was the addition of the new wing. Parts of both the old and the new structures are presently being used for commercial purposes while the other floors retain their residential use. After the death of Mr. Da Rocha, the joint ownership passed to Mrs. Angelica Folasade Thomas and Mrs. Candida Adenike Afodu. Water House has been declared a National Monument.

Tope Apoola
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