Wall of Ijebu Ode

Wall of Ijebu Ode, Sugbon Eredo's ditch
Wall of Ijebu Ode; Sugbon Eredo’s Ditch. Photo: Omenka Online

Wall of Ijebu Ode is an enormous eighty-mile earthwork built around Ijebu Ode in ancient times with remains still surrounding the town. The construction of the Great Wall of Ijebu Ode is said to have been commissioned by Sungbo, a woman, who being rich and childless, decided to make for herself a monument. The wall may be seen on all roads approaching the town about 5 miles from Epe and Ejirin, 2 miles outside of Sagamu and 3 miles east of Ife on the Ijebu-Erin Road. The wall has almost entirely disappeared but the burrow holes on the outside are in many places over 3 feet deep, indicating that it must have been huge.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer