Taiwo Olowo Monument

Taiwo Olowo monument
Taiwo Olowo Monument.  Photo by Lolade Adewuyi

Taiwo Olowo Monument, along Broad Street Lagos Island, was made for Chief Daniel Conrad Taiwo (alias Taiwo Olowo) a son of Oluwole the Olofin of Isheri, who came to Lagos in 1848 as an apprentice basket maker and made fortune doing business. The building has a main entrance and many rooms opening to a central courtyard. It is a typical Portugese style house. Olowo’s monument has a traceried canopy and also a pinnacle with floral motifs. The tomb itself is suck with assess through a wrought iron gate and a few steps. The memorial has a bronze plate depiciting the Chief, said to have been made by melting down pennies. The monument was built by Brazillian craftsmen. It has been renovated and put under lock and key. The monument is in a relatively good condition.

Tope Apoola
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