Oba Akiolu attending to a caller

Rilwan Akiolu

Rilwan Akiolu; the first Oba of Lagos to be crowned since the creation of the state in 1967. Oba Riiwanu Osuolanie Aremu Babatunde Akiolu was installed as the Oba of Lagos on Friday 23 May 2003….

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Akinsemoyin became Oba of Lagos in 1704. A tall, well-built, light-complexioned man with energy and comely disposition, Akinsemoyin’s reign which some believe to have lasted for over 50 years is…

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Gabaro was the Oba of Lagos installed in 1669 after his father, Oba Ado’s death. During his reign, he moved the government to the island in particular Isale Eko where the present palace, Iga…

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Eleko Esugbayi with his Council


Esugbayi, the Oba of Lagos was designated Eleko of Eko, meaning, “the owner of Lagos”. He was the first Lagos monarch to reinforce the title. Others may have abstained for the reason of the…

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Adele Ajosun

Adele Ajosun was the Oba of Lagos between 1775 and 1780 and then in 1832 till his death, two years later. Immediately after installation as king, Adele Ajosun had faced up to the need to…

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Idewu Ojulari

Idewu Ojulari was the brother to Adele Ajosun and Eshilokun who became Oba of Lagos. Idewu Ojulari became Oba of Lagos in 1819 with the death of Eshilokun and the unresolved expulsion of Adele…

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