James Pearse

James Pearse was a Lagos clergyman of the late 19th Century who was tutor to distinguished persons like Ademola II, Alake of Egba, Eric Moore, Adebesin Folarin and J.K. Coker. Pearse was born in…

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Agbebi's Inaugural sermon delivered to congregation 1902

Inaugural Sermon

Inagural Sermon is term used for sermon on 21 December 1902 by Mojola Agbebi, the poet and Baptist leader, in which his belief in Ethiopianism was outlined. The sermon was delivered at the…

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African Woman reads her morning papers in early 1930s

African Renaissance

African Renaissance term used by authors is  descriptive of  the cultural movement in the British West Africa, in which the pioneer set of educated Africans, erstwhile propagators of the New…

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Ethiopianism perhaps shown with the Moses' Ten Commandments scribbled in Yoruba on the wall of the African Church Cathedral Bethel


Ethiopianism was a philosophy of several early Christians in Africa, foremost among who was James Johnson, who required his brethren, in the words of Jacob Kehinde Coker, founder of one of the…

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Mojola Agbebi

Mojola Agbebi is the native name of the poet and advocate of Ethiopianism, who was born April 10, 1860 as David Brown Vincent in Ilesha. Mojola repudiated his European name in 1894, the year he…

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