Apotheosized Alafin of Oyo, Shango, called upon in this illustration of 1870


Apotheosis is the promotion of an individual to a godlike status. The term in Nigerian discourses is dominantly used in religion and in politics to denote respectively, the divinization of a hero,…

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Oba Koso

Oba Koso is one of Duro Ladipo’s most important plays, also the best-known work in the repertory of Yoruba operatic tradition. It was with this play that Ladipo marked the first anniversary of…

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Sango woodwand


Sango; the Yoruba god of thunder and lightning, and the fiendish Alaafin of Old Oyo, the era of whom the popular Yoruba chant, Kabiyesi, meaning “He who is answerable to no one,” is probably…

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