Coker Commission

Coker Commission was set up on 16 June 1962 by the Nigerian Federal Government of Tafawa Balewa to investigate Western Region’s six statutory corporations since 1 October 1954. In that year, the…

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Socialism in action- Queen’s College students taking routine milk diet provided by Government in Yaba


Socialism is an ethical science and a universal set of principles conceived as a guide to progressive governance. It is a principle that militates against the aiding and abetting of private…

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Action Group election poster

Action Group

Action Group was the political organization founded by Obafemi Awolowo in 1950 following the dissolution of the Nigerian Youth Movement. In 1948, independent of his effort, Awolowo had realised…

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Akarigbo is the paramount ruler of the Remo people, who traditionally ruled his own session of Ijebuland on behalf of the Awujale. Originally, the Akarigbo’s authority was limited to Ofen (now…

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