Taiwo Olowo Cenotaph

Taiwo Conrad Olowo

Daniel Conrad Taiwo (alias Taiwo Olowo) was a 19th Century manufacturer born 1781 circa in Isheri. Taiwo, a son of Oluwole the Olofin of Isheri, came to Lagos in 1848 as an apprentice basket…

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Lagos History

Lagos History: One of the oldest references remotely made to Lagos was from a passerby, Duarte Pacheco Pereira who noted in 1485 that “there was no trade in the country nor anything from…

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Saro Yoruba from slave ship rescued by anti-slavery squad


Saro, a descriptive term apparently coined from “Sierra Leonean,” is a class of urbanized Yoruba former slaves that emerged in the nineteenth century following the 1807 British outlaw…

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