Shitta Mosque

Shitta-Bey Mosque on Martins Street
Shitta-Bey Mosque on Martins Street, Photo: British Council Nigeria

Shitta Mosque along Martins Street in Lagos was named after Mohammed Shitta Bey who was one of the chief Muslim notables at the turn of the century. Senhor Joas Baptista Da Costa built Shitta Mosque. Shitta Bey as a wealthy Sierra Leone born merchant contributed the entire £3,000 for the construction of the Mosque.

The Shitta Mosque is built in Brazilian style and has a tracereid canopy and also pinnacles with floral motifs similar to Taiwo Olowo’s monument. The motif lingers on at least in a debased form as in the former Ahmadiyya Central Mosque. The Shitta Mosque was built in 1892 and officially opened in 1894 by Governor Carter of Lagos. It was renovated by the ASCON (Nig.) Limited. The mosque is well kept and the front elevation is painted in bright colors.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer