Seriki compound

Slaves cells called the Baracoon in Seriki's compound
Slaves cells called the Baracoon in Seriki’s compound Source: 360nobs (Alice Temitope Dako)

Seriki compound is in the long Marina street, Badagry. The original owner (Chief seriki) was a slave dealer. Surrounding his compounds are rooms with small high-level windows ventilated with iron bars. These rooms are where the slaves were kept and the small windows are meant for ventilation foe the slaves who were ready for shipment.

Chief Seriki was the senior chief of Ilaro division when Badagry was under ilaro. In the compound is a two-storey building that was built around 1900. Several rooms opened to the courtyard, these rooms are wives quarters. In the compound is also a court with a chamber where the chief passed judgment on offenders. Chief Seriki died in 1919; his grave was monumented in 1940s by his children within the compound, which shows original Yoruba style. The monument is dome shaped and painted black and white, it is repainted every year.The compound was slightly renovated in 1980.

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