Segun Olusola

Segun Olusola; Creator of the most popular and the longest running drama programme of the Nigerian television; The Village Headmaster. Born March 18, 1935 in Iperu-Remo, Ogun state, Olusola had his education at St. John’s Catholic Wesley School, Iperu, 1914-47; Remo Secondary School, Sagamu, 1948-1953, Syracuse University, New York, US, 1960-61 and Pittsburgh University, US, 1980 1.

Segun Olusola decided to join the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in 1965. When his teachers used to tell him that he had better voice than those voices everyone listened to in the radio he thought it would be a good thing for others to listen to his voice as they did other voices in those days. The broadcasting career began for Segun Olusola at the age of twenty when he joined the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) as a Junior technical assistant. He was executive producer, controller of programmes, Director of television, General Manager and Zonal Managing Director of NTA, at one time or the other. In June 1987, Segun Olusola was appointed as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ethiopia. By the end of the century he was Nigeria’s longest serving resident representative to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) 2. In 1994 Olusola launched tie African Refugee Foundation- (AREF) to bail out helpless Rwandans, who had been dehumanized by war.

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