Efe Sam Loco

Sam Loco Efe; Nigerian actor and comedian whose antics in film roles vivified Nigerian home video industry from the 1990s. Efe, who was one of the major characters in Everyday People, a popular television soap opera, also featured in several movies including Tears and Pain, Save My Twins, Koboko and The Rule, Spirit of Twins. He died August 7, 2011 at a hotel in Owerri of a heart problem while directing Unknown Prophet, a home video.

Sam Loco was born c. 1942 in Enugu, but he hailed from Edo State. While growing up, he changed schools often because of his football career. As he was being admitted into one, he was expelled from another[i].

Several in his features, he played the role of father to Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, stage name Aki and Paw Paw[ii].


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