Red-fronted gazelle

Red fronted Gazelle
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Red-fronted gazelle, Eudorcas rufifrons takes its name from its reddish forehead that contrasts with paler eye markings. Coat is red-fawn and the underside and rump is white. Head and body length reaches 110 cm., shoulder height, 70 cm. It has an average adult weight of 30 kg. This Gazelle, scarcely found in the northernmost end of Nigeria as the E. r. hasleri subspecies, have slightly S-shaped horns which is much thicker and deeply ringed in the males. Other subspecies are found generally in a narrow Sahel band across west to central Africa. The Red-fronted gazelle, called Agbonrin in Yoruba, is distinguished from the Dorcas Gazelle by its red side stripe (black in Dorcas Gazelle). The Dorcas look-alike is also slighter of build and paler tan in color.

The Red-fronted gazelle lives singly, in parties, or in small family parties of three to six individuals. They feed on grasses and browse on various shrubs and acacia. Unlike the Oryx, which formerly existed within the same range, the Red-fronted gazelle is poorly adapted to dry regions and it migrates southward during dry seasons in search for adequate water. Sexual maturity is attained at 9 months for female and 18 months in males. A litter of one individual is born after a gestation period of 184 to 189 days. Longevity of the Red-fronted gazelle in captivity is put at 14.5 years.

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