New African young friend of Oba Adeyemi I Of Oyo in the 1900s. Source: NNP
A chief from northern Nigeria makes phone call, 1937 Source: NNP


By Adekambi, Editor, Eko Akete, 2 February, 1924

Television another possible scientific invention

Seeing Wimbeley from Lagos!!!

To make a telephone call upon a friend or a businessman at Agege and indulge in a lively conversation in the ordinary way is wonderful enough. To receive a cable-gram sent from London, Lisbon, or New York this morning is also wonderful enough. But to converse ordinarily with someone at Zaria, Freetown, Port Harcourt or any of the places mentioned above, or still, to hear people sing in those places is the greatest miracle ever wrought by modern science.

It is Radiophone, the most wonderful development in modern day’s message transmission. Considering the immensity of works this strange instrument does it should be noted for its simplicity of construction. You simply want a good set and have it duly installed in your house. There is the Broadcasting station (a sort of exchange office) where you can put through and without “much ado” you may speak to or hear speak or sing in any place on land or across the seas according to the Broadcasting programs- may be Jerico or Green Land’s icy mountains.

In progressive countries at the moment Radio is the “thing” and in all probabilities, Nigeria, or rather, West Africa, may, in these days, add her own share to the daily increasing world of listeners-in.

One is much more impressed by the change, the great change, such message transmission process is likey to make in modern civilization and the world at large. The cause of education could be greatly furthered; for among other ways of imparting education, lectures on academic and general intelligence could be heard from the farthest ends of the earth.

Trade relations could be much more improved by means of easy and cheap international communications.

The theatrical world will enjoy much more popularity; for vocal concerts could be enjoyed at your own home and while you can hear the greatest world tenor you also can dance while the world’s best orchestra plays from far away.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer