Queen’s College Lagos

Students inside a Biology lab at Queen's College, Yaba
Students inside a Biology class at Queen’s College. Photo: Keystone Features/ Getty Images

Queen’s College is the sister college of King’s College, Lagos, founded in 1927. Queen’s College is historically prestigious and high student performance at joint external examinations has been consistent. This girls only school is government-owned with boarding facilities, located in Yaba, Lagos. It is presently one of the 104 Federal Government owned Unity colleges run by the Federal Ministry of Education. The first Nigerian principal was Efunjoke Coker.

There has been an isolated rape case in the school in 2002, in which a lab technician was indicted. This has led to stringent measures from school authority. For most of its existence, the school has succeeded in its purpose to bridge the gap created by the limited scope of secondary education for girls in the early 20th Century Nigerian landscape.

Tope Apoola
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