Peju Ogunmola

Peju Ogunmola
Peju in 2020 movie, “Iya Gbonka” Source: YorubaTV

Peju Ogunmola; Nollywood actress of the Yoruba genre is the daughter of Kola Ogunmola, one of Hubert Ogunde‘s contemporaries. Peju got her first role as Kadara in Ade Love in 1979, during her secondary school days. And in 1982 a role was scripted for her as Pero in Jaiyesimi by Hubert Ogunde. Then in 1983, Peju along with other twelve children of her late father went on stage to commemorate a decade of her father’s death with Aditu Olodumare. After Mainframe’s movie of Koseegbe where she played a a high society lady called Silifa, Peju moved from being an actress to producing her own film Ahon, which she dedicated to her father. This was followed by another one, Ojolkunle. Deeply entrenched in the industry by her third decade, she featured in or acted as majoe protagonist of several home video film which became a mainstay of Nigerian film industry in the 1990s[i].

Peju who conceived her dream about acting at the tender age of eight, about the time that she lost her father, got married in her mid 20’s to actor, Sunday Omobolanle known as Aluwe as a second wife. Peju Ogunmola is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
[i] FAME November 14, 1995

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