Orompoto was one of the four Alaafins to be buried in Oyo Igoho, the capital established by Eguguoju, his brother. Orompto, during his reign proved to be a gifted soldier, bringing back the military glory of the Oyo Empire. He won many battles, but like Napoleon, met his waterloo at Ilayi. His army was trounced in spite of his brave attempts. The soldier king died, but not without a drama that brought some kind of false victory for his army.

Falling under many arrows, Orompoto had opened his mouth, exposing his teeth as though he was grinning. The opponent party, thinking he was confidently laughing at them, fled the field, even though they already had the day. Orompoto never grinned in truth, but was stone dead. Ajiboyede, the tyrant, succeeded him to the seat.

Tope Apoola
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