Oribi in Nigeria
Source: The Vagabond Adventures of Lucie, Lachlan, and Bow Wow

Oribi, Ourebia ourebi are small, swift African antelope, having slender legs, long neck and tall, oval-shaped ears, living in pairs or small herds in the Northern part of Nigeria. The oribi has silky, yellow to reddish-brown coat with white fur on underparts of body and rump. Each knee has a long tuft of hair, and the tail is short and black with a white underside. This Bovine, which is the most gazelle-like of the dwarf antelope tribe (Neotragini), stands at 51-76 cm high and weighs about 14 kg. the horns, borne only by the males, are ringed at the base. They can run 40–50 km/hr . Females are slightly larger than males. The subspecies that occurs in Nigeria, O. o. quadriscopa, is called Agoro in Yoruba. It is well stocked in the Yankari Games Reserve.

Oribis predominantly graze on short grass, but occasionally browse on foliage, herbs, and forbs. It is active both day and night, lying in the thickets during the hot day and finding food in the morning and evening. They are commonly found in pairs or in groups of as many as seven. The Oribi prefers open grassland tall enough to hide in but not too tall to see over. They are hunted for food and for sport and its habitat is threatened by agricultural and urban development.

The Oribi is territorial, monogamous but with a tendency to polygyny. Gestation in this iteroparous mammal takes 210 days. Life span is 8 to 12 years, but up to 14 years in captivity.

Tope Apoola
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