Olurogbo, also known as Ela, was the son of Moremi, an early heroine of the Yoruba nation, possibly queen of the second Alafin, Oranyan. This, if true, will make Olurogbo a Prince. The more important story about Olurogbo, however was the nature of his departure. Moremi, believing her success in uncovering the tricks of the terrorists that raided Ile Ife was as a result of the personal consultation she made at Esinmirin River, had returned to the site to make good her pledge. After a few unsuccessful attempts to conduct a sacrificial rite, she had consulted a priest who disclosed her only son was the only acceptable offering. Olurogbo was therefore killed in sacrifice.

The story of how Olurogbo rose again to climb a rope to heaven is told in Ile Ife, and it is believed by some that he will return to the earth to reap the full reward of his good deeds. The story of Olurogbo has been suspected to be one of the indications that early Yoruba people were remotely acquainted with the Christian faith.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer