Okomu National Park

Okomu National Park. Photo: Jemi Alade Tours

Okomu National Park; a rainforest ecosystem in the outskirts of Benin City is home only to the endangered White-throated monkeys. The park, 1082 kilometers in area size, was established in 1999[i]. Typically, visitors who throng the young and futuristic conservation enclave indulge in discussing the famous monkeys. Unknown to many people even the villagers, Okomu also harbours elephants, short-snouted crocodiles, putty nosed and mona monkeys. Okomu is also the only natural laboratory in the southwest part of Nigeria that once is home to man-like ape-the chimpanzee. These apes are great drummers. In fact, when threatened, the apes that beat their great and powerful chests to wade off enemies and most atimes to show their displeasure could pose a danger to even their protectors. Their drumming and songs have been described as chilling. Those who have encountered the great apes when threatened do confess of a war-like situation that leaves no time for easy escape or survival.

Lake 64 is home to the newly constructed tree house; the second one in the park. Its unique features include a walkway of over three kilometers just across trees. A walk on these trees is just like walking on the cloud. It gives a perfect and unhindered panoramic view of the entire nature wonderland[ii].

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Tope Apoola
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