Okanbi was the first son of Oduduwa who was the founder of Yoruba nation. Much is not attributed to him in history, and he had died, like his father, in Ile Ife. It is probable that Okanbi witnessed the great riot in Egypt (traditionally told to be Mecca) that led to the emigration of his family and followers of his father who was a royal. He apparently shared his father’s disaffection of the Coptic Christians who must have chased them away from the territory in Upper Egypt, which they occupied with the help of the Byzantine imperial powers. Okanbi too may have created the same impression in his brother, Oranyan, who, years after his departure ventured to attack their enemies in Egypt.

Certain historians believe Okanbi to be the same person as Oranyan, the second leader of organized Yoruba nation.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer