Ojo Agunbambaru

Ojo Agunbambaru was one of the surviving sons of Basorun Gaha after the near annihilation of his entire family orchestrated by a mob for years of his extreme tyranny. Ojo escaped to the Bariba country during this uprising against his authoritarian father. Nothing was heard of him until the tumultuous times when Afonja, the Army Chief of the empire pursued his ambition for independence, with the help of the deadly Fulani servants called Jamas.

For the reason that there was no more strong leadership or unity in the empire, Ojo sought to avenge his father’s killing, returning to Oyo with a large army. He was able to decimate the nobility, especially the group that had ties with Afonja, his archenemy, for his father’s support of the popular uprising against his own father. Ojo never did won any true friends, for his killing of the nobles. Many of his followers did follow to have their way with him or to watch him. He was defeated through the help of some of his own warriors who were Oyo men and he fled with his Bariba soldiers.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer