Ojigi was the Alaafin elected to the seat of Osinyago rendered vacant by the latter’s rejection and suicide. His vanity was manifest in his expansionism, and he achieved great military success, expanding the Oyo empire into Dahomey and a bit northward to the Niger. This good man, however did not miss what has been the fate of many successive Kings of Oyo, for the people tired of him and found an excuse in his son’s wrongdoing to reject his leadership. Ojigi’s tolerance of his Aremo’s highhandedness was counted as tyranny and because he occupied the highly exalted position thought to be immutable, he was led to his death, together with his son. Around this time, the custom was taking root, of having heirs or Aremo of kings who are rejected to commit suicide along with their fathers.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer