Ogi is an endosperm extract of a fermented cereal. Ogi is made by softening the maize, sorghum, millet, or rice grain, by steeping it in water at about 300C for up to five days. While wet, it is milled and sieved to remove bran. The remnant is then sedimented and dewatered. Raw Ogi can be made through cooking, to ogi (eko mimu), or eko jije. Nutritionists advise ogi should be taken with milk, the food being starchy extract with low quality protein content. However, the food has been fortified in recent times using protein from sesame, soybean, and other protein-rich seeds. The traditional lactic acid flavour of ogi has been traded for a nutty flavour fortified with toasted okra seed. Ogi may also be flavoured with ripe pawpaw, mango, and banana fruits. Research is being made on the successful packaging and storage of the food.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer