Ogedepagbo War

Ogedepagbo War was the first recorded social disturbance that engulfed the Egba kingdom. The so-called Ogedepagbo Civil War occurred while the people still lived in villages within the old Egba territory encompassing present-day Akinmoorin near Oyo to Ebute Metta Lagos and Orile Oko near Remo Local Government of Ogun State.

It happened when Ogedepagbo, a slave in Itoku who had accumulated wealth as a toll-collector, was charged with stealing in a salt market in Itoku. Failure of the people of Igbehin to produce him resulted in a fracas, in which lives were lost in both camps. Other Egba towns finally intervened by executing Ogedepagbo thus ending the controversy

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer