Ofinran was the Alaafin of Oyo whose reign was entirely in a strange land. His father, Onigobi, son of Oluaso, having carelessly lost the capital city of the Yoruba nation to Nupe raiders, had died in a refuge camp close to the Bariba country. These normadic people, being unconventional in their daily living, utilized this opportunity to plunder at least two smaller Yoruba towns, thereby necessitating Ofinran’s first important move as a King. He had enjoyed the friendship of his host, the Chief of the Baribas before then, on account of his mother being a member of their tribe. Under the leadership of Ofinran, the people commenced an exodus to their beloved Oyo, but it was at Koso that they fully repented of their decision to worship Ifa, reasoning it was their rejection of it that led to their predicament. The people, before this time, had declined the idea, saying that they could not worship Palmnuts. Ofinran died before he could get to Oyo.

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