Odubanjo D.O.

Odubanjo D.O. was a clergy and one of the pioneers of Aladura movement branch of Christianity in Nigeria. Odubanjo was the first pastor of The Apostolic Church in Nigeria and one with whose 1931 letter to Missionary Herald in Great Britain, the news of the young faith healer, Ayo Babalola, first travelled abroad.

Born 1881 in Ijebu Ode, Odubanjo studied at St. Andrews College Oyo which he left before completion. He joined the government service and was a clerk for several years till his resignation in 1918. He became a trader and photographer but soon found himself in financial difficulties, therefore re-joining the government between 1920 and 1921. He was transferred from the office of the secretary, southern provinces to the Inspector General of policies office in 1921 where he had about ten years good service.

Odubanjo resigned in 1930 and gave himself entirely to the pastoral work in which he had been functioning in addition to his secular work for eleven years. He was an accredited pastor of the Faith Tabernacle from 1921 but in 1929 his recognition was withdrawn by the presiding pastor of the American organisation for irregular and disloyal conduct to the church, having followed other doctrines.

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