Odia Ofeimun

poet Ofeimun
Odia Ofeimun. Photo: TELL

Odia Ofeimun; Nigerian Poet, also essayist, social commentator, and administrator in editorial board of TheNEWS magazine, Ofeimum is an accomplished man of letters and poetry is his prime choice. His astounding corpus of poetic output is partly revealed in his three published collections of poetry: The Poet Lied; A Handle for the Flutist, and Under the African Skies[i].

Born March 16, 1950 in in Iruekpen-Ekpoma, Edo State. He was educated at St. Paul’s Anglican Primary School, Iruekpen; Anglican Grammar School, Ujoelen, Ekpoma, Edo State and the University of Ibadan[ii].

Ofeimun was administrative officer, Federal Public Service Commission, Lagos, 1976; English Language teacher, Ansarul Islam Grammar School, Ijomu-Oro, Kwara State, 1977-78 and member, editorial board, The Guardian. Ofeimun was the chairman, editorial board, TheNEWS magazine[iii]. He was also the private secretary to Obafemi Awolowo, between 1978-82[iv].


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