Nigerian shrew

Crocidura nigeriae
Photo Credit: Dr. Jan Decher

Nigerian shrew, Crocidura nigeriae, belongs to the order of small insect-eating mammals with long flexible snouts. It is a large shrew with a very dark brown dorsal pelage appearing grizzled. Shrews, called Èkúté in Yoruba, are fast-paced animals and they are known to eat very frequently, burrowing into the ground with their pointed snout. Tail in C. nigeriae is relatively long and skull is large. Shrews are quite unusual among mammals as they are the only other ones apart from bats to use echolocation, an ability that compensates for their feeble sight. Breeding is maximal during the wet season. This species is found in lowland tropical moist forest in the East and the West region of Nigeria. It also occurs in Cameroon and in Bioko Island of the Equatorial Guinea.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer