picture of street life in Mushin with a mosque at the back
Street life in Mushin with a mosque at the back. Photo by: O_Joao

Mushin is a Lagos district with one of the highest population concentration and a pool of small scale industries. The area, 12 kilometer square in sold land is slightly high so usually safe from flood. The Lagos State Polytechnic founded in the 1970s is located in Isolo area of Mushin. The area also shares close proximity with Apapa ports and Tincan island ports.

Mushin area stretches from Moshalashi to Cappa Bus stop. It also includes the whole of Papa Ajao, Matori, an industrial layout and the whole of the area from Agege Motor Road to the Railway line on one side. On the other side it extends from the same motor road to the Badagry expressway. Mushin’s population swelled during the construction of Eko Bridge and its other adjacent bridges on the Lagos Island, in which many houses were demolished. This unplanned development and consequent notoriety of the area, contributed to the wretched state of the area for a long time.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer