Mountain Reebuck

MOuntain Reeboks walking the hills
© MF Ravensberg

Mountain Reedbuck, a medium-sized, graceful and shy antelope species, Redunca fulvorufula, called Etu in Yoruba is characterized by short curved horns, which is seen only in males. Head and body length reaches 100-136cm, plus additional tail length of 18-20 cm. Shoulder height is within 65-89 cm. The Western Mountain Reedbuck R. f. adamauae has been reduced to a small, declining remnant subpopulation in Nigeria in the Gashaka-Gumpti National Park. This subspecies found in mountainous forest of Adamawa, Yola State, has reddish-brown fur, white underpart, which is also bushy in the tail.

Mountain Reedbucks form herds of around five individuals, including single mature male, eat grasses and leaves. Gestation takes approximately 8 months after which a litter of one young is given birth to, which attains sexual maturity at 18-24 months if female and 27 months if male. They live for up to 14 years in captivity.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer