Majeogbe was the third Alaafin to reign during the repression of the worst villain in Yoruba history, Basorun Gaha. Majeogbe made efforts to rid himself of Gaha but the scoundrel will only increase in power, joined by his sons to perpetuate unbelievable acts of cruelty. The Alaafin was quite aware of the danger that lay ahead if Gaha remained powerful or if he does not build a wall of defense around the palace. He consulted several medicine men who helped him with many tricks by which he can be insulated from impending evils of Basorun Gaha. The tricks failed when the time came for the provisions of these medicine men to serve its purpose.

Majeogbe knew his days were numbered. His fears came to play the day his son fought in the part of the town considered the quarters of Basorun Gaha. The wicked Basorun, finally found an excuse to pour his malice on the Alaafin. Gaha broke into the Alaafin’s defenses and had him killed.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer