Lamodi was the second Balogun of Egba army after Yisa who achieved renown for his military tact. Lamodi was from Igbehin, which was one of the Egba villages before the migration to Abeokuta. As a high-ranking army chief under the subjugation of the Oyo-Ijebu-Ife coalition, he was required along with a few other Egba nobles and their followers to remain at Ibadan with Maye, who was the Field Marshal of the captor army to prevent sudden attack from him. The captor army, feeling uncomfortable with Lamodi’s presence among them, conspired against him. Although Lamodi’s appearance temporarily overturned their vile intention, Ege, the chief of Ife army assaulted him on the instigation of a court crier, Apeogun, who suggested he was a coward. Lamodi, seeing the danger, killed the assailant and retreated with his followers. He set for the Egba camp at Oke-Ona but was mortally wounded midaway. Lamodi died the following day in the camp, entreating Sodeke who was to lead the Egba out of their former settlements to secure a good place for shelter.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer