Lagos Town Council

Mayor of Lagos campaigning in 1952
National Council of Dr. Abubakir Ibiyinka Olorunimbe addresses Nigeria and Cameroon campaign rally as Mayor of Lagos in 1952. Photo by:  Oyewole Edun Alakija

Lagos Town Council was the administrative unit of Lagos created in 1950 under a new local government law in succession to the council created by the ordinance of 1941. Although the Oba of Lagos, Adele II contested for the headship of the council, he lost to Dr. Abubakir Ibiyinka Oorunnimbe who served as Mayor of Lagos until the council’s dissolution occasioned by accusation of corrupt practices against counsellors made by the mayor himself. Adeniji Adele had resigned membership of the council at this time, for the mayor’s non-acknowledgement of his royal status during council meetings. The Lagos Town Council was reorganised in 1953 under Awolowo’s premiership with the abolishment of the office of the mayor, the Oba becoming life president and traditional chiefs represented in the new 50-man committee. Finally, the town council collapsed as Lagos was removed from the Western region. In 1959, it was re-designated as a local government.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer