Konya Roseline

Prof. Konya Roseline
Prof. Konya Roseline. Photo: The Guardian Ng.

Konya Roseline; Environmentalist and public servant, Konya, once a Chairman of Civil Service Commission was appointed as the Rivers State Commissioner of Environment in November 2003 by the Rivers State Governor, Peter Odili. Born to the family of Gordon Duudee Nwizug and wife in Buan, Khana Local Government Area of the Ogoni region in Rivers State, Dr. Konya was married to a United Kingdom trained Chartered Accountant, B a r i d o, who won the South-East Senatorial seat in Rivers State and was a Commissioner-designate before his death in July, 2003. She has three children Kaanakia, Dumyii and Letura and she is a Lay Preacher in Methodist Church.

Konya’s tenure as implementer of Odili’s environmental policies featured the monthly sanitation exercise and a house-to-house sanitary inspection in Rivers State. In her position as Chairman of Civil Service Commission in 1997 she reinstated over a hundred and thirty civil servants who were wrongly dismissed, a feat difficult to perform during the military. As commissioner, Konya pursued issues of pollution in the State by oil prospecting companies, as calls for more responsiveness of oil prospecting companies to their host communities became intense. Konya bagged dozens of State and National Awards during her public service years[i].
[i] Tell March 27, 2006

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