KATSINA Hassan Usman

Katsina Hassan
Katsina Hassan. photo: robtakes

KATSINA Hassan Usman; Nigerian Army General, born 1933 in Katsina. Hassan Usman Katsina belonged to the generation of generals who handled the affairs of the Nigerian republic in 1966 when the military made the maiden incursion into politics. A Sandhurst trained officer, Katsina was appointed the military governor of the old Northern Region at a relatively young age.  Following the tragic months of 1966 especially the pogrom of July, Katsina played a stabilizing role and helped calm frayed nerves. Under him quite a number of developmental projects of the Interim Common Services of the northern states took off.

From 1966 to 1972, Katsina was the Chief of Army Staff and later deputy Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters. When the government of General Gowon under whom he served was overthrown by General Murtala Mohammed, he was Minister of Establishment. For the roles he played as stabilizing factor at different instances during Nigerian military regimes, he was honored in his place of birth with the title of Ciroma Katsina. Hassan Katsina died in 1995.

1. AM July 28, 1995

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