Jude Abaga

MI Abaga
Jude Abaga, M.I. Photo: BodexNG

Jude Abaga, fondly called Mr Incredible or simply MI, brought enormous creativity to rap music in 2006. MI grew up in Jos where he lived with his father who was a pastor and mother who made gospel music. He had a fulfilled childhood and read a lot of books because the family had no television for a long time. When he was four, he came in contact with the music of Panam Percy Paul who was at the time just coming out. He therefore took interest in music and started doing small performances in church. Later, after his secondary school education, MI began to show interest in Rap music.

When MI was studying in the United States he found many black musicians rap. He had access to a lot of rap music materials because he was recording. When he came back to Nigeria, MI noticed that there were many good singers already, so I decided to try rapping. His attempt at comedy was a disaster[i]. Internationally acclaimed artiste, Wizkid came into limelight in 2009 when he collaborated with MI in the song titled Fast Money, Fast Cars[ii].In 2011 third edition of City People Award, MI went home with awards for Best Rap Album, Best Hip Hop Artiste and Album of the Year[iii].



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